About Techtris

Techtris is a team of dedicated creatives and entrepreneurs that delivers high-impact, measurable solutions. We achieve our clients’ business goals, accelerate brand growth and drive revenue. Located in sunny Los Angeles, we are a digital agency specializing in digital marketing, web design and development, digital strategy, branding and e-commerce solutions.

Our proven approach has been forged through a plethora of successful projects and years of experience.


The crux of our success stems from teamwork. It’s easy to talk about how well our in-house team works together, but it’s the collaboration with our clients that truly sets us apart. We involve our clients throughout each project and value their input in all stages of the development lifecycle. Through a collaborative approach, we ensure an end product that wholly embodies our clients’ goals and vision.

Agile Development

Our agency takes an Agile-based approach to all of our projects. We are able to embrace change at any stage of the development lifecycle, eliminate time-draining activities, prioritize the most important features as the project evolves, and remedy issues as they arise. Our approach focuses on spending quality time on deliverables that add business value to a project, and minimizes the time and effort spent on unnecessary and redundant tasks. The end result is a product that best meets our clients’ business needs –  delivered on time and on budget.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t end when your project goes live. Once Techtris has crafted and implemented an online solution, we have in-depth reporting and maintenance options to highlight optimal performance and identify data-driven opportunities. With our solutions, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.