How to get people to open your emails

Email subscriptions are commonplace in most large corporations. These corporations understand a fundamental principle that creates repeat customers. That is, once a customer’s interest in your product is piqued either through sampling or purchasing, the best way to keep your brand fresh in the customer’s mind is through email marketing. You may be thinking, “How can email marketing make sense? People hardly read emails from companies anyways.” Statistics show, however, that email marketing campaigns have the highest return on investment (ROI) of any type of online marketing. These campaigns are able to generate $44 in revenue for every $1 spent.

Getting past your customers’ filters

One of the obstacles that you have to overcome in email marketing is bypassing your customers’ spam in addition to their mental filters. Spam filters result in your emails being categorized as junk. Mental filters are those placed by the customer in his or her own mind. Certain email subjects automatically result in the customer scrolling past that email. Companies are able to overcome the obstacle presented by these filters by providing content that is thought provoking, relevant, or offers specific discounts. Emails written in this way often entice these customers to become repeat customers.

Engaging Subject Titles

For example, most stores have a loyalty program. They will send emails with their newest ads to people who are apart of the program. However, some customers will simply mark the emails as spam and your company will never get their message across. This is ineffective email marketing. To rectify this, companies should change pace by offering something useful or an immediate description of a discount in the subject line. Nothing bores customers more than a title such as “March Newsletter” or “New Monthly Specials”. Switch it up and get specific! Try something along the lines of “20% Off All Online Purchases” or include statistics such as “200% Increase in Traffic Over the Weekend”.

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