Why your website needs to be mobile-optimized

Now more than ever there is an increasing demand for mobile-optimized websites. Such websites have been specifically designed to display on smartphone and tablet devices. These devices now account for approximately 40 percent of all website visits, which is a significant rise from 20 percent only a few short years ago. In response to this rapid growth, Google updated its search algorithms in April 2015 to favor those which have a mobile website. As a result, websites which are not ‘mobile-friendly’ will rank lower in Google searches for interactions conducted on a mobile device.

Content plays the pivotal role in an optimal mobile website. All of the website’s elements have to properly resize themselves to best fit the screen. This creates a clean and elegant design. Our website, www.techtris.com, provides an example of this.

The quality of the website’s user interface ultimately determines whether or not a user will stay on a site or look elsewhere. If your site is clunky and hard to navigate on mobile devices, chances are that your users won’t stay long. This means your business could be missing out on conversions and isn’t being viewed as a mobile website on search engines.

Aesthetics are also important for a mobile optimized website. The website has to look good without compromising on functionality. Beauty means a minimalist approach to the design since fewer elements means a faster load speed.  Fewer elements, however, doesn’t mean that the website has to look dull and plain. The right website designer will make your website look good on any device without compromising its functionality.

All websites built by Techtris are mobile optimized. If you already have a website, that’s no problem. We can transform it into a mobile-optimized website. Contact Techtris for a consultation today. We’ll create a website design plan and guide you through the strategies for optimizing your website for mobile.