Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is an essential component of digital branding. Research shows that “online adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking.” Brands that don’t have a strong social media presence are often left in the dust. Social media is a must if you want to connect with your audience in truly meaningful ways.

Engage Your Audience

Social media marketing allows you to reach customers through targeted ads, engaging posts, and the ability to respond to visitor’s comments. However, knowing what to post is often a concern for many entrepreneurs. The answer is simple; post content that engages your visitors. For example, if your company sells photo frames, post videos to YouTube about the design process and how they are made. If your company specializes in photography, watermark your images and post them on Instagram or Pinterest. By simply showing your target audience your product, you are able to help improve brand recognition.

Connect With Customers

Social media provides an infinite number of ways to interact with your customers and manage your brand’s reputation. In the public sector, companies have used outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to manage their customer relations. While such strategies can boost your company to new heights, it is important to remember that it won’t happen overnight. It takes time to build an online brand.

Always be mindful of what you post to social media. Posts can be easily shared and are often among the first results to appear when someone performs a Google search for your business. Your posts should, therefore,  be a positive reflection of your business. Manage them wisely.

There are many ways to reach customers through social media.  Building a follower base, however, does take time.  Although you want to make your posts as engaging as possible, ensure that they are a positive representation of your business. Anything you post can be shared.

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