Branding + Design

Great branding should act as a lens through which the world sees your business.

It is crucial to create a seamless and consistent appearance, feel and experience across all digital platforms.

Our team of creative graphic designers will help you define your visual brand, and develop the branding elements you need to reach your audience everywhere.

What We Do

Our design team brings years of experience to every brand we build. We start with research into both your business and your competition to help define what makes you unique. What we uncover, combined with our deep understanding of cutting-edge design best practices, forms the groundwork for building your visual brand.

Each branding feature we create can be used both online and offline. Our branding services include: logo designs, print designs, video production and product and packaging design.

How We Do it

Logo Design

At Techtris, we style and design custom logos based on your business’s profile and design preferences. From the contemporary to the abstract, we infuse the embodiment of your company into a truly identifying and individual logo.

Print Design

While we may be a digital agency, we recognize that print is never dead.

We provide services to push your business’s market penetration beyond the web with stunning print designs and distribution assistance. Whether it be a business card, flyer, pop-up banner or billboard campaign, we have packages to suit your business and its target audience.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture in motion is priceless.

Video is by far the fastest and most captivating conduit for the exchange of knowledge, especially on the web. From shooting and animating, to editing raw footage, our video production services will help you grasp the attention of your potential clients and drive home your message.

Bottom line: we do video production and we do it well.