Web Design and Creative Assets

While the digital world is changing all the time, building a strong online presence still starts with a stellar website.

Many small business owners approach website creation with a level of fear: How much does it cost? What is the best CMS? Who’s going to manage it?

In Techtris, you’ll have a digital partner that will answer those questions and take over all the heavy lifting that comes along with crafting, developing and managing a world-class website.

What We Do

Web users today are constantly being bombarded with content, so keeping their attention can be tricky. Through years of experience and constant research into emerging ideas, we’ve become extremely adept at creating user-friendly, high-impact websites that showcase your brand, increase retention and drive conversions.

Right from the start, our web design team will help evaluate your brand and determine the best way to bring it to life online. We’ll set up systems to make managing your content simple, and work closely with you to analyze and improve your existing website features.

How We Do It

Responsive Web Design

With mobile internet usage now surpassing desktop, it has never been more crucial to have a mobile-ready website. Not only do your users want better mobile experiences, Google’s search algorithms now rank mobile-friendly sites higher than those without them, meaning you could be losing valuable traffic for not going mobile.

We build all of our websites using mobile-responsive code, meaning your website will “respond” based on the device and screen size it is being viewed on. This results in websites that work seamlessly across phones, tablets, and desktops alike, giving your visitors an easy-to-use, optimized browsing experience every time, from anywhere.

UX-Focused Design

Our websites are designed with a strong emphasis on the User Experience (UX) – which means we always put the user first. As we build each element of your site, we think about how it adds to or detracts from the experience of browsing your site on each device, and then craft an experience that keeps people engaged and drives them to convert.

Through good UX design, our websites foster trust, loyalty and goodwill to a brand which produces measurable results (be it sales, sign-ups or inquiries). We are constantly studying industry best practices, design methodologies, and UX innovations to stay at the cutting-edge of UX design.

Content Management Systems

We build our websites on a variety of different Content Management Systems (CMS) which we select based on your unique business needs. We’ll research your company and goals, and suggest a CMS which we believe offers you the most flexibility and opportunities to scale efficiently.

CMS platforms can be tricky to navigate, so we take it upon ourselves to help you learn their benefits, understand how your website works, and work together to manage your content over time.


Having a top-notch website means nothing if your customers can’t easily purchase your product. Our E- Commerce solutions ensure seamless and secure transactions, providing the necessary foundations for your online shop front.

By integrating with a variety of popular E-Commerce platforms, and digital payment methods, we’ll help you expand your business, drive revenue and entice repeat consumers. Our marketing experts can even work with you to create coupon campaigns or provide customers with a mobile friendly experience.