Marketing for the millennial mindset

Marketers have to view millennials as the most technologically savvy and buyer-ready generation. Reaching them requires a combination of various digital marketing strategies, such as influencer marketing. This article highlights 2 ways influencer marketing can be used as a part of your digital marketing campaign.

Authenticity Wins

Millennials look to social media influencers to keep them in the know about what’s hot and what’s not. Celie O’Neil-Hart in an article for Think with Google stated that “70 percent of YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities.” However, influencer marketing will only truly work if you find the right influencer. The right influencer will connect with your brand and promote your product or service because they’re genuinely interested in it. Their ability to portray this genuine interest to their fan base is what will get members of Generation Y to embrace your brand.

The Right Audience is Key

Influencer marketing doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you have to choose your influencer wisely. Choosing an influencer in your niche is a no-brainer. It’s finding the influencer that reaches your specific target audience within your niche that may become a bit tricky. Check the influencer’s social media pages to determine what they post about. Read the comments on the posts. This type of research will give you a good idea about what the influencer cares about and the type of audience he or she has. If you choose the right person, you will earn almost 550 percent more on your investment.

Choosing an influencer who is genuinely interested in your brand with the right audience will help you reach your target demographic. Influencer marketing is a solid digital marketing investment.