Maltese Café

Web Design + Art DirectionMaltese Cafe introduction.

ClientClient NameServicesArt Direction, DesignYear2015

The solution

Aus to America is a personal consulting firm which connects expats with qualified service providers throughout the United States. From accounting, insurance, superannuation and legal services, Aus to America creates partnerships and connections with qualified service providers and those who are new to the land of opportunity.

Aus to America had taken a DIY approach to creating a website and were not satisfied with the end result and that it did not convey the professionalism of their company.

Techtris, a Los Angeles digital agency, designed a new website which combined textual information with the use of imagery to create engagement. As the primary goal of this website which is to generate incoming leads for the company, Techtris ensured that a contact functionality was prominent throughout every page of the website.